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A week ago this blog was powered by blosxom, which I really like for its philosophy. But there were a few things missing and the links to the plugins, which would have fixed those things, were dead. Also the code of blosxom wasn't something I wanted to hack away on. (Very different coding-style to mine.)
Long story short: I wrote my own blogging-script that can be used as drop-in replacement for blosxom. After all (according to Wikipedia) there are a lot of other projects inspired by blosxom but none of them in Perl.
Well now there is one and it's so aptly called mldblog. (I know, I know...)

Basically the whole idea and philosophy behind mldblog is the same as for blosxom.
But I dropped the static-page generation and I am even so bold that I include other libraries: File::Find, Date::Parse and Encode.
Other than that, it also uses a slightly different format for its entries but there is a compatibility setting that allows it to read old blosxom-formatted entries too.

Title: This is the title
Date: 29 Aug 2008
key: value
another-key: multi

The entry itself comes after an empty line

Abysmal Picture of the Week

It has a plugin-system in-place (not compatible to blosxom-plugins) and without using any plugins mldblog itself is rather limited: It only displays a number of entries, formatted by its template system.
All other functionality comes from plugins.

There are plugins for listing and accessing entries by date, category and tags. You can see them in action in the column on the right.
Three more plugins are available: Comments, Social and PassingPix.
But I will discuss their specifics in another post.

Originally I planned on releasing the script and its plugins this week, but I got caught up in refactoring and there are a few lines of code in mldblog, which I'd like to rewrite before making it public.
I hope to get that done during the coming week, but there is this rule of always doubling a coder's time-estimation, ergo make that two weeks.

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