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While the code and the required configuration is documented well enough inside the scripts, there is no actual documentation. But if someone wants to play with it, be my guest.

Download mldblog 1.2.

Developer Documentation

Version history

  • 1.2 [02010-10-20]
    • Moved extraction of category from to category-plugin. So the category is now stored inside the X-branch of the template parameter.
    • Fixed the plugins' Regular Expressions to handle GET parameters gracefully.
    • Using numeric sort in dates-plugin.
    • tags-plugin generates hyper-linked (instead of plain text) list of tags for template-consumption.
  • 1.1 [02010-09-17]
    • Not displaying empty comment-header on entries where comments are disabled.
    • mldblog can handle permalinks on its own (without category-plugin).
  • 1.0 [02010-09-15]
    • First public release
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